Rally Round the Rosies on Capital Hill

The Spirit of ’45 and American Rosie the Riveter Association are rallying in Washington D.C. for Rosies, those pioneering women who served on the World War II homefront with their “We Can Do It!” spirit.
Join Mae Krier, - one of the amazing women who contributed to bringing a war to an end while bringing social change to the work place - on Tuesday, November 13, for a day of door-to-door visits to the offices of ALL U.S. Senators and Representatives to urge them to pass the Rosie the Riveter Congressional Gold Medal Act legislation that was introduced earlier this year.
The Bill:
This bill directs the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to make appropriate arrangements for the award of a single Congressional Gold Medal to Rosie the Riveters (i.e., any female individual who held employment or volunteered in support of the war efforts during World War II), in recognition of their contributions to the nation and the inspiration they have provided to ensuing generations.
For more information about the pending leigislation, visit http://www.honorrosie.org 
We will be asking members of Congress to take the opportunity immediately after the mid-term elections and Veterans Day to bring America together, to unite both parties and the country in a shared expression of appreciation for what the Rosies did to pave the way for greater opportunities for women in all walks of life.
Our goal is to ensure that women who made history on the Home Front during WWII are acknowledged as we work to inspire a new generation of "21st Century Rosies" who can carry on their legacy.

Volunteers are needed to work in teams of two for visiting as many offices as they can during the day, meeting briefly with elected officials and/or their staff and distributing information.  
You can volunteer for the full day or just a couple of hours.
Interested volunteers can RSVP by signing in here, and will receive updates. 
                                       Sign up here to volunteer!
We will begin gathering in the atirum of the Hart Senate Office Building at 8:00 AM to receive handouts, office assignments and last minute instructions, and begin our at 9:00 AM.    We will regroup in the atrium at 5:00 PM for photos and farewells.
We are rapidly losing last surviving Rosies, most of whom never received any recognition for what they did to keep America free and how they pioneered greater participation and equality in the workplace for women. 
This Congressional year is our last chance to gain passage of the Gold Medal Act legislation before the 115th Congress adjourns on January 3, 2019. 
Your assistance is needed to achieve this recognition for America's Rosies by signing up to help on November 13, and spreading the word so we can rally as many volunteers out as possible!
Contact Debi Wynn for further details
410.583.0270 glmmuseumpr@aol.com
For more information about how you can keep the legacy of the Rosies alive, please visit www.Spiritof45.org/Rosies 
To learn more about the Rosies of WWII, click here "Remember the Rosies!"