WWII Wall of Honor Project 
 120 ft. Spirit of '45 Wall of Honor featuring hundreds of photos of WWII veterans from communities across America that was displayed in front of  the National WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. during the visit by Alamo Honor Flight from San Antonio, TX, on Saturday morning, August 11.  Photo courtesy of Stephen R. Brown Photography.  
Read the Washington Post article and see the photos they posted on their web site.

A "Wall of Honor" consisting of the faces of 1,945 who served during World War II was unveiled at the National World War II Memorial on Saturday morning, August 11, 2012, to mark National Spirit of '45 Day honoring the men and women who were the "ordinary heroes" of WWII.

The "Wall" includes the photos of all 464 Medal of Honor recipients, and 400 who lost their lives during the war, as well less famous individuals whose photos were sent in from around the country, including those of the 66 Tuskegee Airmen who were KIA serving their country.

Members of Alamo Honor Flight from San Antonio TX were present at the unveiling, representing the more than 100 Honor Flight Regional Hubs that have flown more than 80,000 WWII veterans to visit their Memorial since the inaugural flight in 2005.  (The Digital Clubhouse Network organized the first "honor flight" in May 2004, when more than 70 WWII veterans and their wives were flown by the chairman of United Airlines to attend the dedication of the National World War II Memorial.  Accompanying them were more than 30 youth who had helped the vets produce short videos documenting their wartime service as part of the DCN's award winning Stories of Service program.)     

The "Wall of Honor" is more than 150 feet in length with new sections being added each year.  Preference is being given to veterans who have passed away during the intervening 12 months.  The "Wall" includes photos of US presidents John Kennedy and George H.W. Bush, and all 464 WWII Medal of Honor recipients, Hollywood legends Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine and Kirk Douglas, Major League Baseball standouts Jackie Robinson, Jerry Coleman, Bob Feller, Hank Greenberg, and Yogi Berra. 

The photos of Senator Dan Inouye (Hawaii), Senator Frank Lautenberg (New Jersey), and former Presidential candidate and Senator George McGovern are also included in the Wall.   Inouye and Lautenberg were the last two WWII veterans serving in Congress and co-sponsored Spirit of '45 Day with Senator Susan Collins, which passed unanimously in August 2010.  Inouye received the Medal of Honor for bravery as a member of the legendary all Japanese American 442nd Battalion.  McGovern flew 35 missions over Europe in a B24 during the war, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross. 

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 USS Iowa volunteers hold the middle section of National Wall of Honor banner during a news conference on President's Day 2013.  The full 200 ft version will be displayed during the Iowa's Spirit of '45 Day event on Saturday, August 10, that will celebrate the WWII history and heritage of the ship and the Greater Los Angeles area.  WWII veterans and their families are being invited to submit their service photos so they can be included in their Wall that Fold3.com is creating and the national Wall that will be displayed each year at the National WWII Memorial and the Iowa each year. The Iowa Spirit of '45 Day event kick off a fund raising campaign to cover the costs of making the ship wheelchair accessible.  
San Jose's History Park's "Wall of Honor " displays 6 ft photos of local area WWII veterans from the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Park's Wall will ultimately include more than 700 ft of photos, that will be displayed each year during the month of August and on Veterans Day in November.  (R "Lost Battalion" survivor and Spirit of '45 Day spokesman Al Tortolano, who served with the Texas 36th during the invasion of Italy.  See Al's Story of Service

 More than 250 Boy and Girl Scouts carry photos of WWII veterans from their family and community each year in America's largest Veterans Day Parade.  More...