A selection of "digital stories" produced by youth volunteers and WWII veterans who participated in the award winning Stories of Service program of the nonprofit Digital Clubhouse Network from 1998 to 2010.  
CNN 2000 Digital Clubhouse Network Stories of Service project 
The following "digital stories" were produced by youth, veterans, community volunteers and family members who used donated computer equipment and software to document the personal memories of those who served in uniform during WWII and those who supported them on the Home Front.  More than 1000 short vidoes (average length 5 - 7 minutes) were produced between 1998 and 2009.
The Stories of Service program received widespread media attention and several awards, including three medals from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in recognition of its "visionary use of information technology to effect positive educational, poitical and economic change in society."   
"Ordinary Heroes"
"Battle Babies" by Howard Bjerke
"Go For Broke" by Lawson Sakai
Flying With Neeta by Stanley Harris
Medic On A Mountain by Dr. Harold Cole 
A Note From My Mother by "Doc" Near 
Jumping Into the Fight by Don Irving
The Banality of Evil by Dave Carter
Windows For Remy by John Gawinoswki
Don't Fence Me In by Rusty Lewis
Thelda the Riveter by Thelda Koche
Bloody Tarawa by Paul D. Martini
A Love Story by Rose Lesslie
Yangkai Tigers by Carl T. Combs
We Did What Had To Be Done by Edith Watters
Typhoon Kathleen (NA)
My Glide for Life by John Buecher
Man With A Code of Honor by Laura Giblin Brickman
Foxhole Buddies by Ted Intravia
Black Gang by Henry Griffoul
Battle of Mortain by Angel Garcia
Appreciate!!! by Ed Vincent
Unfit To Be A Tailor by Carl Heintze
Navy Brothers by Peter Nevarez
Luck of the Irish by Patrick Vasquez
Indamaru by Adolfo Celaya 
Cisco Kid Goes to War by Valentine Pena
By the Grace of God by Pat Robles
Battle for Verdenne by Paul Ferdinandsen
Over the Hump by Ed Silverman
60 Days In Combat by Dean P. Joy
We Also Served by Norm Schwartzberg
Zero Niner Zero by John Young
The Rescuer by Lois Campbell
Serving My Country by Laura Peterson
Remembering a Hero by Marilyn Teel
Unrecognized Defender by Fred Batulan
Mom and the Blitz by Valerie Millar
Stalag Luft III by Harold Schauer
Below Decks In Pearl Harbor by Charles Merdinger