Taps:  Spirit of '45 Bids Farewell to Skip Adams
Skip Adams (4th from right) with Janice Edwards of NBC, San Jose City Councilman Kansen Chu and wife Daisy, Kymberly Brady, San Jose City Councilwoman Rose Herrera, WWII Army Nurse May Alm, and Korean War veteran Joe Gonzales at the 2012 Spirit of '45 Day celebration in San Jose's History Park.
The Spirit of '45 Day family lost one of its most beloved members when Skip Adams passed away peacefully on the morning after Veterans Day this year at age 86.  A veteran of the Battle of Iwo Jima, who served on through the years of the Korean War, Skip was a shining example of all the best qualities of his generation - a warrior who was a kind and compassionate gentleman, a tireless and selfless worker in the cause of establishing the observance of a national day to honor his generation, a friend to all who knew him.
Those of you who met Skip at the 2012 Spirit of '45 National Leaders Conference in San Diego will never forget him, nor with the thousands who met him at functions like the first day of remembrance in August 2007, the original planning symposium on the Queen Mary in 2008, the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C. and other functions where he made such a lasting impression for his warmth, good humor and commitment to assuring that everyone he met helped carry on the work of keeping the Spirit of his generation alive in America.
His memorial services in San Jose were attended by hundreds of well wishers whose lives had been touched by this remarkable, self effacing and positive life force.  While we will all miss his twinkling blue eyes and wonderful smile -- not to mention his appearing rod straight in his Marine dress blues! -- we know that he will always be remembered every year on the national day he was so instrumental in helping to create for America.
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Skip in Action
Skip with Ernie Borgnine, with Loni Anderson, Margaret O'Brien, Congressman Adam Schiff, and Kate Linder, and with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen and fellow Marines during the 2000 Memorial Day Concert in Washington, D.C.
Skip was a tireless champion of veterans of WWII and all eras, and assuring that they and their families - especially those who lost loved ones in service to their country -- received the support and understanding for their sacrifices. 
With Pearl Harbor Survivor Lucky Brugolia,  long time friend Denny Weisgerber at Iwo Jim Memorial,  unidentified Vietnam War veteran on Memorial Day 2009, and with Gold Star Mother Diane Layfield, whose son Travis was KIA in Iraq while serving in the Marines.
Skip was a roving ambassador for Spirit of '45 Day representing all of the best qualities of his generation.
 Making the rounds in Congress, appearing on stage at the American Society on Aging national conference and with ASA President Bob Stein.  On the floor of the California State Assembly with fellow national spokesman and WWII Marine veteran Jerry Coleman on the day it voted unanimously in support of Spirit of '45 Day.  Greeting Long Beach Mayor during 1st annual Spirit of '45 Day symposium and banquet that was held on the Queen Mary on August 14, 2008.
Whenever he attended Spirit of '45 events, Skip was the center of attention with his warm smile and ready handshake, always willing to take time to share his wartime experience and to encourage people to honor the "ordinary heroes" in their own families and communities.  
 Sharing stories, visiting senior living residents, with Robert Corpus, Spirit of '45 national youth coordinator, and with the fabulous Singing Blue Stars
Skip put high priority on reaching out to kids, encouraging them to take the lessons from his generation about courage, selflessness and commitment to service as principles for leading their own lives.
 We will miss you, Gunny!  Semper Fi!
 With fellow Marine Navajo Code Talkers Al Smith and the latest generations of US Marines at the closing ceremonies for the 2012 Spirit of '45 Day National Leaders Conference in San Diego that marked the anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945.